3 Tips For Planning A Successful Funeral Service In The Most Cost Effective Way


Planning a funeral is a huge task, and if funds are tight, it can also be a very stressful one. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to try and save money on a funeral service. This article will discuss 3 great tips for planning a successful funeral service in the most cost effective way. 

Pay For The Funeral Ahead Of Time If Possible

If you are aware that your loved one or friend is going to pass soon, then it may be wise to plan and pay for the funeral ahead of time with them. You can discuss the amount of money that you have to spend on the funeral, and from there you can choose a funeral home, casket, flowers, and all that will be needed for the service. Your loved one or friend may want a simple service, which will save you a lot of money on things like decor and floral arrangements. Taking the time to pay for the funeral home and casket ahead of time will likely help to minimize the extra fees that come along with planning last second for a funeral service. 

Have Volunteers Provide Food

Catering a funeral can be a huge cost, so when someone offers to bring food for the funeral, allow them. There may be many volunteers that come from religious groups or simply in your community, and they will likely be more than happy to help bring whatever food you might need. They may contact you, or you may need to contact them. Either way, you will need to tell them about how many guests they will be feeding, and also where the food needs to be served. A lot of the time these volunteers will not only make and serve the food, but they will also set up the tables and chairs, and clean up afterwards. This is a wonderful service, and it can save you so much money. 

Ask For Donations Rather Than Flowers

A lot of the time your funeral guests will either send or bring flowers to the funeral service as a way to show their love for the person that has passed on. Instead of having the funeral guests spend money on floral arrangements, you can instead have them donate money to the funeral fund instead. You can explain to the guests that you would like to receive donations instead of flowers, and you can also inform the funeral home to tell those who call or come in. This will come a long way in helping you to pay for the funeral costs because many people will likely be happy to donate to help pay for the funeral of this wonderful person that they love and respect. 


25 March 2015

Have You Planned for Your Future?

When my father passed away a year ago, my mother didn't have any problems with the funeral or burial. My father planned his funeral in advance. He didn't want to burden my mom with any problems during her time of grieving. That hit me. I realized that I didn't have any plans for my own future, which would make it even harder on my wife and kids. So, I contacted a funeral home online and requested information about burial services. The funeral home provided me with many options that I could afford to pay over time or upfront. My wife also helped select burial plots for us because we didn't want to be separated — even after death. I encourage you to read through my blog. It offers great tips and advice on how to plan for your own future. Don't wait. You never know what life holds for you.