Five Ways To Personalize A Pet's Memorial Headstone


When it comes to remembering a lost family pet, many people are opting to honor that memory with the placement of a memorial either in the garden, backyard or another place of significance. Every pet is as individual as any family member, and it's important that a memorial recognize that. Here's a look at some unique ideas to help you create a memorial that will truly represent your pet.

Written Word

An epitaph is a traditional feature of memorials in cemeteries. They're often used as a way to express your emotion about your relationship or to recognize a specific trait of your pet. Consider a statement about your pet's favorite game or about his or her personality. For example, if you have your pet's paw print engraved on the memorial, a fitting epitaph might be something about your pet leaving his or her paw print on your heart.

Picture Perfect

If you have a clear picture of your pet, you can have it either carved into a stone memorial or laser-printed as a ceramic photo. Putting your pet's picture on the memorial will help you to remember that relationship. This is especially true if you can find an image that clearly reflects your pet's personality, such as a playful image for an active pup or a picture of your sun-loving cat sprawled in his or her favorite napping position.

Creative Carvings

When you're looking at stone memorials, engravings and carvings are a great way to add some dimension to the surface. Whether you have a detailed likeness of your pet or a paw print engraved in the surface, it adds a personal touch that helps you to preserve your memories.

Possession Placement

You can create a truly personalized memorial by having one of your pet's belongings worked into the memorial. For example, you can have a pet's name tag inlaid into the stone of a memorial, or have a space created to place a favorite toy.

Tackling Technology

Believe it or not, QR codes are not just for retail products. If you want an unusual way to memorialize your pet, consider creating a memorial website with your personal dedications, videos and images. Then, place a QR code on the memorial stone that visitors can scan to view your website. Since space is limited on memorial headstones, this may be a great way for you to express yourself and preserve your memories.

With so many ways to personalize a memorial for your pet, you're sure to be able to create something remarkable. Consider your pet's personality and choose the features that fit him or her best.


31 March 2015

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