4 Easy Ways To Cut Your Funeral Bill By $500 Or More


Planning your own funeral in advance is a simple way to make sure that, in the end, you get just the type of service that you want. Even though you may be eager to get the task out of the way, you will likely not be eager to take on another bill while you are still dealing with all of the ordinary expenses in life. However, funeral planning and prepayment does not have to be as costly as what you think. There are at least four ways you can cut your funeral bill by $500 or more.

1. Reconsider Two-Day Services - In the United States, it is not uncommon for visitation to be held one day and the funeral the next. While this allows a longer service for family members, it may be a luxury that you would rather avoid. You could opt instead for visitation, the funeral, and graveside services to be held all in one day.

2. Opt Out of Embalming - Most people are under the impression that embalming is a necessity, but this is not the truth unless you must be transported across state lines or want to be buried in a place that requires it. Embalming can cost more than $600, and that is an expense you can skip if you choose. However, no embalming will likely mean a quick funeral service since this is how the body is preserved for long showings.

3. Create Your Own Music - One little charge that many funeral planning folks are not aware of is the costs associated with music that is supplied during visitation and throughout the service. While some funeral homes use prerecorded media to deliver sounds over an intercom, some actually have their own private pianist or organ player for the job, which can be costly. Arranging your own live music or simply making a CD for your funeral can be much cheaper.

4. Arrange Your Own Transportation - It may sound a little unorthodox, but you do not have to utilize the services of a hearse to get you from the funeral home to the burial ground for graveside services. According to The Funeral Site, a funeral home will likely charge you between $150 to $530 for a ride. You could just as easily arrange for rental from a private hearse company or choose your own method of transportation, such as a horse and buggy.

Just because you wish to save money on your funeral it does not mean that you have to opt for a skimpy service. Just be sure to consider all of your options and their expenses during funeral planning and you will likely end up paying much less but still get a funeral plan that works for you and your loved ones. Work with a funeral home like DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc to see what options fit you and your family best. 


3 April 2015

Have You Planned for Your Future?

When my father passed away a year ago, my mother didn't have any problems with the funeral or burial. My father planned his funeral in advance. He didn't want to burden my mom with any problems during her time of grieving. That hit me. I realized that I didn't have any plans for my own future, which would make it even harder on my wife and kids. So, I contacted a funeral home online and requested information about burial services. The funeral home provided me with many options that I could afford to pay over time or upfront. My wife also helped select burial plots for us because we didn't want to be separated — even after death. I encourage you to read through my blog. It offers great tips and advice on how to plan for your own future. Don't wait. You never know what life holds for you.