4 Reasons To Pre-Plan Your Funeral


While no one wants to think about their own death, planning your funeral ahead of time is one of the best ways to safeguard your family from unexpected expenses in the event of your demise. A funeral is rather costly and the average price has steadily been on the rise from around $700 dollars in 1960 all the way to $7,045 in 2012. Luckily, by planning ahead your family won't have another burden on top of the grief they will have to face when you're gone. Here's a breakdown on why pre-planning your funeral is really the best option for your family. 

1. Lockdown The Price

As mentioned above, the price of having a funeral is only getting steeper as time goes on. One particular benefit of pre-planning your funeral is that you can prepay it as well. This means that your loved ones will not only not have to worry about covering your expenses in the future, but also means that the cost for your funeral won't be nearly as expensive. This can give you and your family peace of mind financially, which will help reduce the stress of your passing.

2. Make Your Wishes Known

Having a will and pre-planning your funeral goes hand-in-hand. While you're making your funeral arrangements you often can update your will as well, so there won't be any dispute on what to do should you die. This can help ensure that your belongings, as well as any money you might have gets allocated the way you want it to. Don't worry though, you can still continue to update your will should anything happen between now and your funeral. 

3. Protect Your Family From The Unexpected

While ideally, everyone would live long enough to have a natural death at an old age, sometimes misfortune happens. By pre-planning your funeral you can safeguard your family in the event of an accident. If you suffer from a premature death, your funeral and its expenses will already be paid for, making sure that your loved ones aren't met with the terrible burden of a sudden expense in the event of an untimely death. Remember, pre-funeral planning is all about protecting your family.

4. Ensure Your Family Gets Maximum Benefits

In a normal scenario without pre-planning, a good chunk of any life insurance you might have would go directly to covering the cost of your funeral. However, since you'll be prepaying the cost before your death, all of your life insurance benefits go immediately toward your beneficiaries, making sure you get the most out of any policy you might have.

So, as you can see, there is really no downside to pre-planning your funeral, so take action today and protect your loved ones from one of the most trying times in their life. 

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12 June 2015

Have You Planned for Your Future?

When my father passed away a year ago, my mother didn't have any problems with the funeral or burial. My father planned his funeral in advance. He didn't want to burden my mom with any problems during her time of grieving. That hit me. I realized that I didn't have any plans for my own future, which would make it even harder on my wife and kids. So, I contacted a funeral home online and requested information about burial services. The funeral home provided me with many options that I could afford to pay over time or upfront. My wife also helped select burial plots for us because we didn't want to be separated — even after death. I encourage you to read through my blog. It offers great tips and advice on how to plan for your own future. Don't wait. You never know what life holds for you.