Suggestions For Families Planning Cremation Services


Cremation is used by a lot of families because it's an affordable and still respectful way to honor a loved one. If you're planning on using cremation services for a family member that recently passed away, here are some preparational tips to remember.

Choose a Competent Crematory Facility

There are specialty facilities in your area that handle cremation services, but you'll need to find one to work with. In that case, you need to perform research on the different options to decide what's best for your family's budget and cremation preferences.

Once you have a couple of facilities left, ask to tour each facility and speak with a consultant who can talk more about their specific cremation services. Then you'll have enough data to make an appropriate selection that you and your family feel good about.

Review Your Loved One's Final Wishes

For those that know in advance that they're going to pass on, they may actually write down wishes for what they want done to their body. If your family member did this prior to passing, review them carefully before deciding on particular cremation services to utilize.

They may have listed what they want done with their ashes and what type of urn they wish to be put in. Just go over these details with your family so that you can make sure this cremation is planned carefully and in a manner that's specific to your loved one's wishes. Then there won't be any lingering regret later on. 

Give Each Family Member the Chance to Keep Ashes

If you have a family that doesn't live close to each other, then you may not want your loved one's ashes being put in just one urn after they're cremated. You may want to give each family member the option to hold onto some ashes. Then they'll have a personal memento to always remember the family member that passed.

You just need to see who in your family wants ashes and how they want to store them, whether it's in a traditional urn or in some type of custom jewelry. Working these details out before cremation will keep this process more organized. 

If your family feels it's best to have a loved one cremated after they pass on, then get with everyone and decide how this process needs to be carried out. As long as everyone stays on the same page, you'll get through this planning and be able to honor the loved one in a meaningful way. 


13 June 2022

Have You Planned for Your Future?

When my father passed away a year ago, my mother didn't have any problems with the funeral or burial. My father planned his funeral in advance. He didn't want to burden my mom with any problems during her time of grieving. That hit me. I realized that I didn't have any plans for my own future, which would make it even harder on my wife and kids. So, I contacted a funeral home online and requested information about burial services. The funeral home provided me with many options that I could afford to pay over time or upfront. My wife also helped select burial plots for us because we didn't want to be separated — even after death. I encourage you to read through my blog. It offers great tips and advice on how to plan for your own future. Don't wait. You never know what life holds for you.