Creative Ways To Scatter A Loved One's Ashes


Scattering the ashes of a loved one is a popular way for families to honor their memory. While some may choose traditional methods, such as keeping the ashes in an urn, others may choose to be more creative and explore unique ways of ash scattering.

Here are some creative ash-scattering ideas to help you commemorate your loved one.

Incorporate the Ashes into Artwork

Incorporating a loved one's ashes into artwork is a unique way to remember them and keep their memory alive. 

There are many different ways for families to create art with the ashes of those they have lost, such as jewelry, sculptures, paintings, or even glass beads. This kind of artwork allows families to honor their loved ones in an intimate and meaningful way that will last much longer than traditional ash scattering ceremonies.

Creating art with a loved one's ashes can be incredibly therapeutic for those grieving the loss of someone close. It gives them an outlet to express the emotions they're feeling in a creative and meaningful way. 

The process of molding the ashes into something beautiful allows family members to celebrate their loved one's life and reflect on their memories together. This kind of cathartic experience can help families cope with the pain of loss while still commemorating their loved ones in a novel manner.

Incorporating a loved one's ashes into artwork is also a great way to incorporate their spirit into everyday items that family members can carry with them at all times. Art created using someone's ashes could represent milestones achieved throughout their life or symbols that illustrate aspects of their character. 

Incorporating these tiny reminders into everyday apparel or home decor provides families peace, knowing their love for this person will never be forgotten.

Burial at Sea 

Burial at sea also allows families to witness the natural process of scattering ashes as wind, waves, and tides help disperse the remains of their loved ones. This kind of ceremony encourages families to let go emotionally, knowing that their loved one's ashes have been released into nature with reverence and care. It can provide closure for those grieving, creating a more permanent and meaningful experience.

Furthermore, burial at sea gives families a chance to create new memories and experiences together as they honor the life of their loved ones. Families can take part in activities such as fishing or sailing in tandem with sharing stories about their beloved person, allowing them to pay tribute while still enjoying each other's company. 

Burial at sea grants an opportunity for people to memorialize someone while rekindling old relationships and forming new ones that will carry on even after their loss.

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1 March 2023

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