Three Things to Keep in Mind If You are Considering Cremation


Planning the events that will occur after your death might not be something that is overly pleasant, but it's an important way to alleviate strain on your closest family members. Ensuring that you've made all of these plans will allow your family members to grieve without having to consider tough decisions on their own. One of the things you'll need to choose is whether you want your body to be embalmed and buried or be cremated.

26 February 2016

Finding The Right Cemetery For Your Funeral Pre-Plan


One of the key decisions you'll make in your funeral pre-planning process is in which cemetery you'll be laid to rest. Your choice will be based partly on your comfort with the facility, but also on how well they will work with your family after you have passed away. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the right cemetery. Management Differences Cemeteries can be owned by a variety of entities, each of which may manage the facility differently.

10 February 2016

Three Funeral Etiquette Rules … And How To React To Them


If you attend enough funeral services over the years, you'll undoubtedly witness someone who's obviously unaware of funeral etiquette. As a result, he or she is acting in an embarrassing fashion and might even be taking attention away from the solemn occasion. The last thing you want when attending a funeral is to be this person. The good news is that by taking a little time to understand some subtle funeral etiquette conventions — and knowing the best way to approach them — you won't find yourself acting in an improper manner.

29 January 2016

Funeral Options


The popular image of a funeral is usually one of many people gathered in a church or other house of worship, coffin in the background, and speakers lined up to share memories. But if you're trying to pre-plan your funeral, you do have other options. The term "funeral service" is quite flexible, so don't assume that you have to have a big production when you die. Full Funeral Service In a full funeral service, there's a ceremony, usually in a place of worship or a center reserved for official gatherings, led by an officiant who is normally not part of the family.

14 January 2016

Kooky Curiosities Most People Have For Funeral Directors But Never Ask


Spending all day with people who are "resting in peace" is one career that invokes a lot of curiosity among the general public, but is rarely brought up in regular conversation. You may be curious about a funeral director, their experiences, and their employment duties, but even if you were given the opportunity, you would likely never ask in the questions you have floating in your head in person. Here are a few of the kooky curiosities you may want quenched and the answers that will satisfy your not-as-odd-as-you-think thirst for knowledge.

29 December 2015

Strange Funeral Burials You May Attend During Your Lifetime


Most people attend a funeral at least once in their lifetime, and many people likely attend far more. Below are some funeral burial traditions you may see when you go to a funeral. All of these burial options are currently available in the United States. Knowing about these options beforehand can help you not be so surprised when you go to the funeral. Space Burials  If the deceased person was a sci-fi fan, they may have chosen to have a space burial.

3 September 2015

3 Mistakes To Avoid In Picking A Funeral Home


Losing someone that you care about is never easy. Beyond going through the grieving process, you are stuck trying to handle all of the specifics of a funeral and make sure everything is taken care of right down to the last detail. This can be quite stressful and overwhelming for someone who is fighting to deal with the realization that their loved one is gone and isn't coming back. To help make the process a little less burdensome and frustrating, avoid making one of mistakes below.

29 August 2015