What You Need To Know About Flying With Cremated Remains


It's not unusual for people to want to have their cremated remains spread over a certain place, such as the ocean. Getting the remains to that location, however, can be a challenge sometimes. If your trip includes flying on an airplane, here's what you need to know to avoid drama and safely get your loved one to his or her final resting place. Contact the Airline First The different airlines have different rules concerning the transport of cremated remains on their planes.

30 December 2016

How To Talk To A Child About The Death Of A Grandparent


It's a sad reality that grandparents often pass away before they have the opportunity to see their beloved grandchildren grow up. Because the parents may be so deeply in mourning, it can be difficult to focus on the pain that the child is going through in the aftermath of a grandparent's passing. However, it's important for a child to have the opportunity to mourn and express their pain in constructive ways as part of the healing process.

6 August 2016

Tips For Planning A Funeral That Won't Break The Bank


If you are in charge of planning a funeral and have found yourself worrying about the cost of it all, you will want to take a few moments to review the following pieces of advice. Consider Asking For Donations There is nothing wrong with turning to friends and family in a time of need by asking for some donations to help offset some of the cost of the funeral. There are several ways you can do this.

28 July 2016

Two Reasons Why You Should Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial


If you're in the process of laying out your final wishes, one of the decisions you'll need to make concerns whether you want to have a traditional burial or if you'd prefer to be cremated.  Although you may be more familiar with the concept of a formal burial, more and more people are making cremation their choice.  Learning more about the benefits of cremation can help you see why it is the ideal choice for you.

14 July 2016

The Anatomy Of A Good Eulogy: What To Include In A Meaningful Rememberence


Writing a eulogy is an uncommon thing to do, and some people never have to. Knowing what to say in a eulogy, like what to include and what to leave out, can be a challenge. If you're trying to write a eulogy for a loved one, knowing what to write in the eulogy and what kind of information is commonly found in a eulogy can be helpful. This article will breakdown the common components of a eulogy, so you'll know what to write.

3 July 2016

4 Ways To Show You Care When You Can't Attend The Funeral


From being unable to afford plane tickets to feeling too ill to travel, there are dozens of reasons why a close friend or family member ends up unable to attend a funeral. Instead of feeling stressed out and sad about your inability to support your loved ones in person, focus on what is possible for you based on your specific limitations. These four ideas all help you share your condolences without having to attend the funeral in person.

14 June 2016

Learn What To Do If Your Family Cannot Afford An Expensive Funeral For A Loved One


When a loved one dies without pre-planning their funeral, it leaves the family with a lot of decisions to make. Many families do not have a lot of money saved just in case a family member dies, which can create a very difficult situation because funerals can sometimes be quite expensive. The guide below walks you through a few ways to save money on your loved one's funeral. Donating the Body to Science

1 June 2016