5 Advantages Of Graveside Funerals


When most people picture funeral services, they picture events inside churches, synagogues, funeral homes, or other establishments. The body is present, music plays, and everyone sits through the service. While traditional funerals have taken place in these locations for years, Covid-19 resurrected the popularity of graveside funerals. Even though Covid-19 is waning, there are many advantages to continuing to have your services there. Here are a few of them.  1. Accessible For Everyone

31 October 2022

Factors To Consider When Planning A Funeral


When a close loved one dies, you might be responsible for planning their funeral. If your loved one didn't preplan their funeral, you'll have a lot of work. But, the first step is choosing a funeral home. If you've never had this responsibility, you likely have questions about the process. Yet, you won't have a lot of time to figure things out as funerals happen shortly after a person dies. Here is a guide to help you choose the right funeral home for your loved one's funeral.

12 August 2022

Suggestions For Families Planning Cremation Services


Cremation is used by a lot of families because it's an affordable and still respectful way to honor a loved one. If you're planning on using cremation services for a family member that recently passed away, here are some preparational tips to remember. Choose a Competent Crematory Facility There are specialty facilities in your area that handle cremation services, but you'll need to find one to work with. In that case, you need to perform research on the different options to decide what's best for your family's budget and cremation preferences.

13 June 2022