Two Reasons Why You Should Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial


If you're in the process of laying out your final wishes, one of the decisions you'll need to make concerns whether you want to have a traditional burial or if you'd prefer to be cremated.  Although you may be more familiar with the concept of a formal burial, more and more people are making cremation their choice.  Learning more about the benefits of cremation can help you see why it is the ideal choice for you.

14 July 2016

The Anatomy Of A Good Eulogy: What To Include In A Meaningful Rememberence


Writing a eulogy is an uncommon thing to do, and some people never have to. Knowing what to say in a eulogy, like what to include and what to leave out, can be a challenge. If you're trying to write a eulogy for a loved one, knowing what to write in the eulogy and what kind of information is commonly found in a eulogy can be helpful. This article will breakdown the common components of a eulogy, so you'll know what to write.

3 July 2016

4 Ways To Show You Care When You Can't Attend The Funeral


From being unable to afford plane tickets to feeling too ill to travel, there are dozens of reasons why a close friend or family member ends up unable to attend a funeral. Instead of feeling stressed out and sad about your inability to support your loved ones in person, focus on what is possible for you based on your specific limitations. These four ideas all help you share your condolences without having to attend the funeral in person.

14 June 2016

Learn What To Do If Your Family Cannot Afford An Expensive Funeral For A Loved One


When a loved one dies without pre-planning their funeral, it leaves the family with a lot of decisions to make. Many families do not have a lot of money saved just in case a family member dies, which can create a very difficult situation because funerals can sometimes be quite expensive. The guide below walks you through a few ways to save money on your loved one's funeral. Donating the Body to Science

1 June 2016

Services To Look For When Researching Funeral Homes For Your Pre-Plan


As you put together your funeral pre-plan, you'll want to find just the right funeral home to work with. This will be a place that can fulfill your final wishes and provide the services that your family will need after you have passed away. Most facilities offer the same basic services, but the following are some of the special ways that a funeral home can support you and your family.

23 May 2016

Four Ways To Save Money On Funeral Expenses


The average end-of-life services in the United States cost nearly $10,000, according to data from the National Funeral Directors Association and Funeral Consumers Alliance.  This includes a viewing at a funeral home, preparing the body for the viewing, a church or memorial service, an obituary and a cemetery burial with a vault, gravesite and tombstone. This is still the way most families honor their recently deceased loved ones. However, there are a number of things you can do to save money on funeral arrangements, while still being respectful to the person who has died.

10 May 2016

A Caregiver's Guide To Funeral Planning


For family members acting as caregivers for a terminally ill family or elderly member, planning a funeral is one of the tasks that will need to be handled. You may choose to plan the funeral with your family member, or you may have to handle all of the arrangements on your own. Use this brief guide to help you to make the decisions for when your loved one passes away.

28 April 2016

Ashes To Dust: A Closer Look At The Options For Treasuring Your Loved Ones Cremated Remains


When a loved one makes the choice to be cremated, it leaves you with the personal responsibility of taking care of their ashen remains once they are gone. While most people envision keeping cremains stored in a small box or vase type urn, there are many more options available that may be much more desirable. Not everyone likes the idea of just keeping cremated ashes sitting on a shelf for display.

25 April 2016

Three Things to Keep in Mind If You are Considering Cremation


Planning the events that will occur after your death might not be something that is overly pleasant, but it's an important way to alleviate strain on your closest family members. Ensuring that you've made all of these plans will allow your family members to grieve without having to consider tough decisions on their own. One of the things you'll need to choose is whether you want your body to be embalmed and buried or be cremated.

26 February 2016

Finding The Right Cemetery For Your Funeral Pre-Plan


One of the key decisions you'll make in your funeral pre-planning process is in which cemetery you'll be laid to rest. Your choice will be based partly on your comfort with the facility, but also on how well they will work with your family after you have passed away. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for the right cemetery. Management Differences Cemeteries can be owned by a variety of entities, each of which may manage the facility differently.

10 February 2016