Funeral Options


The popular image of a funeral is usually one of many people gathered in a church or other house of worship, coffin in the background, and speakers lined up to share memories. But if you're trying to pre-plan your funeral, you do have other options. The term "funeral service" is quite flexible, so don't assume that you have to have a big production when you die. Full Funeral Service In a full funeral service, there's a ceremony, usually in a place of worship or a center reserved for official gatherings, led by an officiant who is normally not part of the family.

14 January 2016

Kooky Curiosities Most People Have For Funeral Directors But Never Ask


Spending all day with people who are "resting in peace" is one career that invokes a lot of curiosity among the general public, but is rarely brought up in regular conversation. You may be curious about a funeral director, their experiences, and their employment duties, but even if you were given the opportunity, you would likely never ask in the questions you have floating in your head in person. Here are a few of the kooky curiosities you may want quenched and the answers that will satisfy your not-as-odd-as-you-think thirst for knowledge.

29 December 2015

Strange Funeral Burials You May Attend During Your Lifetime


Most people attend a funeral at least once in their lifetime, and many people likely attend far more. Below are some funeral burial traditions you may see when you go to a funeral. All of these burial options are currently available in the United States. Knowing about these options beforehand can help you not be so surprised when you go to the funeral. Space Burials  If the deceased person was a sci-fi fan, they may have chosen to have a space burial.

3 September 2015

3 Mistakes To Avoid In Picking A Funeral Home


Losing someone that you care about is never easy. Beyond going through the grieving process, you are stuck trying to handle all of the specifics of a funeral and make sure everything is taken care of right down to the last detail. This can be quite stressful and overwhelming for someone who is fighting to deal with the realization that their loved one is gone and isn't coming back. To help make the process a little less burdensome and frustrating, avoid making one of mistakes below.

29 August 2015

3 Tips For Saving Money On Your Loved One's Funeral


Are you planning a funeral for a loved one? Are you working with a tight budget? Funerals can often be costly, which can be problematic for families who have a limited amount of money to spend. Maybe your loved one didn't have much life insurance to cover funeral expenses. Perhaps you need money to cover medical expenses, taxes, probate costs, and other bills related to their estate. You probably want to give them a nice memorial, but can't afford to break the bank in the process.

19 August 2015

How To Say Goodbye To A Beloved Dog


If you are a dog lover, you know how much your life is enhanced by having one as a family pet. Among the benefits of owning a dog is that you're probably happier and healthier than you would be without one. Because of all the love and devotion your family and your dog give to each other, when your pet dies, it is heart-wrenching. Here are some ideas that might make it a little bit easier to say goodbye to your beloved dog when it passes away.

12 August 2015

Funeral Services: Understanding Your Options


When a family member dies you are often in such a confused emotional state that you are not sure what needs to be done and how. If nothing at all had been planned or arranged, either by yourself or the deceased, making some of the decisions while going through the different steps of grief can be difficult. Here is some information to help you understand the basic options you have.

25 June 2015

3 Details You Don't Want to Forget When Planning Your Own Funeral


Funeral planning in general can bring with it a lot of emotion, even if it is a process that you take on for your own self. Because of this fact, it is easy to forget a lot of the personal details and plans that you want involved. Here are three details that do not want to forget if you are someone who really wants to make sure your funeral is a memorable event, as they can make a major difference in the overall impression of the ceremony.

18 June 2015

When A Loved One Passes Unexpectedly – What To Expect When You Go To The Funeral Home


The loss of a loved one is difficult under any circumstances. When someone dies unexpectedly, his or her loved ones are faced with grief and making plans for which he or she weren't prepared. Should you be faced with the passing of someone for whom you must make funeral arrangements, it would be helpful to know what's ahead. One of the very first things you will do is visit the funeral home you have chosen.

17 June 2015

4 Reasons To Pre-Plan Your Funeral


While no one wants to think about their own death, planning your funeral ahead of time is one of the best ways to safeguard your family from unexpected expenses in the event of your demise. A funeral is rather costly and the average price has steadily been on the rise from around $700 dollars in 1960 all the way to $7,045 in 2012. Luckily, by planning ahead your family won't have another burden on top of the grief they will have to face when you're gone.

12 June 2015